A simple utility for making png sprite sheets and animated gifs. 
Outputs sprite sheets as a single horizontal row of evenly spaced frames. Useful for making retro-style 2d games and art. 

Also available at www.pixel-art-animator.com

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AuthorHat and Beard
Tagsanimated-gif, Animation, Drawing, Game Design, gif, Pixel Art, PNG, sprite-editor, Sprites, sprite-sheet


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please give download file!!

pleaseeeeeeeeee this is the best

Thank you for enjoying Pixel  Art Animator. Currently it only exists as a web application, but I hope to convert  it to a desktop application someday. 

If you mean that you would like the source code you can find it on Github ~> https://github.com/HatAndBread/pixel-animator

please make for me i really like it its sooooo coooool

Great Tool! Only thing i miss is onion skinning. Maybe with an On/Off button, previous frames slowly fading, at an adjustable rate.

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Thank you! I don’t know if I will have time to work on those things in the near future, but I will put them on my todo list.